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on Wednesday, 18 June 2014. Posted in Testimonial D, Testimonials

Cathal Mac Criostail, Manager Cork & Shannon Terminal Services.

"My role as Irish Aviation Authority Cork ATC Manager brought me into contact with Paudie Barry and Baseline Surveys over 12 months ago...

Given the significant increase in Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems in this time, the working relationship that I have developed with Paudie has been significant and mutually beneficial.  Having come from an engineering/surveying background, it’s fair to say that Paudie had little knowledge of the aviation industry. However he fully engaged with the IAA, both from an Operations and Regulatory perspective, in gaining a deeper knowledge of Irish airspace and possible restrictions to his operation. I am confident in saying now that he can justifiably be considered an aviator in the truest sense in that he is a class leader in how RPAS activity should be undertaken and is an innovator in applying this new aviation technology.  We have worked closely together on a number of different and varied details and I have always been impressed by his application to ensure that the highest safety standards are maintained. In working with him I have also gained greater insight into RPAS activity which has enabled me to more accurately assess other RPAS activity affecting ATC operations.
From operations manuals to pro-active engagement with the IAA, Paudie has clearly shown his commitment to the aviation side of his business and I’m delighted to recommend him for the  Aviation Industry Awards.”