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RPAS Provide high accurace mapping services and training on the following Geo Spatial Services

Ortho, DSM, DTM, LAS

Bandon Cork Orthophotographic mapWe can provide up to 2cm pixel size (ground sample distance) orthophotography, digital surface models, bare earth models and pint clouds which can be geo referenced to either ITM or Irish Grid 1975 geographical coordinate systems. What makes our products unique is the fact that we can provide accuracy of up to +/-2.5cm horizontally and 3.5cm vertically on our data.

Topographical Surveys

We can provide you with top class topographic surveys at less than half the price you normally pay with the added advantage that if there is detail omitted in your specification we can add it to the survey free of charge after the survey has been completed. We will also typically cover more area than outlined in your specification, which provides you with more contextual information on your project.

Land Registry

We can resolve most boundary disputes before ever going to court by illustrating clearly where the land registry red line is in comparison to the boundary feature on the ground using aerial photography and PRAI map overlay technology. We can also regularise PRAI records accurately and cheaply using the same technology.

Falcon mapping drone

Spatial Management

We can geodatabase all your land registry maps, CAD design/planning applications, topographic surveys, RPAS aerial photography etc so that your geographic data/maps are all stored in the one place, and all geo referenced to Irish Grid or ITM so the accurately sit on top of each other and are compatible with GPS coordinates.

RPAS Aerial imagery of construction activity can be overlaid with CAD design drawings to ensure that all building and excavation work is taking place in the correct location.

Industries we Serve:

The Farm topographic mapConstruction

Using RPAS we can provide aerial imagery of construction overlaid onto CAD design drawings to ensure everything is being built where it should be….


Using RPAS we can provide volumes on stockpiles, land registry mapping, topographic surveys safely and cost effectively for quarries and mines…


With RPAS we can count every single tree within a given plot of forestry and list each tree with its individual height on a spread sheet. We can also quantify wind throw for insurance claims…

Golf Courses

With RPAS we can carry out topographic surveys of course, provide tee to hole measurement and produce world class 3D course guides cheaply…

Coastal protection

With RPAS technology we can inspect coastal protection installations and monitor their effectiveness over time…

Film Industry

Using RPAS we can pre program flight plans and camera angles to deliver precisely the aerial video footage that is required with only one flight….

Facility and Estate Management

Using RPAS we can provide you with high resolution aerial imagery of your facility/campus and then set up a geodatabase so that all your PRAI maps, Topo surveys, CAD designs, Underground services are all overlaid onto your aerial imagery….

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