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What do our Customer say?


Training Testimonial

“As a licenced RPAS Operator I was looking for RPAS surveying courses to add more value to my business, but a training done by someone with both experience in topographical surveying and RPAS.

During the training I accompanied Paudie’s team on several RPAS survey missions and then back on the computer to process the data.

I have been able to evaluate many components of this activity and acquired a lot of knowledge in a short time.

Paudie is very personable and responded flawlessly to all my incessant questions, his answers were always clear and precise. Paudie has an impressive background in the field of topographic surveys and began operating with RPAS  in its very beginnings.

I feel that in a very short I have acquired good basis to start producing orthophotography,  thanks to the expertise of Paudie and his team. I warmly  recommend Paudie as a trainer ! It's very good value.”  French RPAS Operator Philippe Romain


Green Route Design Topographic Survey for Cork City Council

“Baseline Surveys was able to deploy resources within days of their appointment, and the final information was provided in the 3D digital formats that the clients (cork City Council) required within a week. The quality and delivery time of the final information was beyond our expectations, considering that the survey area had limited access due to private land ownership, overgrowth, and significant height differences. There was also the added advantage of having a high resolution aerial image of the survey area which would normally had to be commissioned separately.” Sanhung Poi, Design Engineer, Clifton Scannell Emerson Associates


Topographic Survey for Port Redesign

“I am amazed at the enormous potential this survey data will provide above and beyond the original basic requirement (to provide a survey in CAD format of the Harbour).

All too often a survey is included with and filed within specific project documentation, and I then buried in an archive. The expansive, multi-format and digital nature of this survey will allow us to utilise it as a day to day management, time-line and planning tool for many years to come. I would strongly recommend this approach to any entity with a similar requirement.”

Tim Ryan CEng, CEnv,  Operations Manager, Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company


Topographic Survey of a Halting Site

“Our project required detailed topographical information on steep and unstable slopes. Under normal circumstances, it would have been impossible for an individual to survey this accurately using conventional equipment. Furthermore, the area to be surveyed was in a contentious region and having people on the ground was a health and safety concern for us. As a result, we looked for a proposal from Baseline Surveys and they were able to provide us with highly detailed aerial imagery as well as a detailed digital terrain model using their fixed wing drone The survey provided useful detail on the steep slopes and also allowed us to gather information without causing any unnecessary conflict with groups in the area.”  Niall Chamberlain CEng MIEI, Senior Design Engineer - RPS Consulting Engineers

Boundary Survey at Lisheen Mine

“Having put some time into researching available technologies to efficiently capture such a large site I ultimately decided on orthophotography collected using RPAS. Apart from the obvious deliverable of the high-resolution, rectified aerial imagery, we also had a requirement for a Digital Surface Model (DSM) to enable stockpile volume calculations. The relative accuracy we achieved for the project as a whole was way above my expectations and now we have started to use the data I am only now realising the technologies  full potential as a survey tool.  In my opinion, for certain applications orthophotography is now superior to LiDAR Harry Twomey IIS, MIEI, Chief Surveyor,  The Lisheen Mine