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Orthophotography Production Training

This course has been designed in order to provide trainees with the skills, knowledge and attitude to produce orthophotography from images captured by RPAS

Advantages of this course to RPAS Operators

  • With this training you can up to €7000 per day by using your RPAS to produce maps instead of just taking photographs

Course modules and learning objectives:


1. Introduction

On completion Students will be able to…

  • State the spatial accuracy of SBAS GPS (log file)
  • State the spatial accuracy of RTK GPS (ground Control Points)
  • State the 3 steps to be taken in producing orthophotography and height models


2. Ground Control Points (GCPs)

On completion Students will be able to…

  • Establish an accurate Ground Control Point configuration for any project
  • Know the principals behind how RTK GPS works
  • Know how to avoid sources of error in using RTK GPS
  • Take GPS readings with a GPS RTK System
  • Export the GPS control points in excel format

3. Orthophoto flight planning

 On completion Students will be able to…

  • Know that a 25m x 25m grid at 120m altitude is optimal for most 24MP cameras
  • Know that a 20m x 20m grid at 90m altitude is optimal for most 16MP cameras
  • Know that a fixed 30mm lens is optimal
  • Understand the importance of camera settings

4. Photoprocessing Software

 On completion Students will be able to…

Align the photography

  • Load the raw photographs into Agisoft photoscan software
  • Merge the photographs with the RPAS log file
  • Delete unwanted photographs

Create a dense point cloud

  • Create a mesh from the aligned photography
  • Input Ground Control Points
  • Change the coordinate system to the relevant national grid
  • Optimise the model and view the errors/accuracy of ground control points


  • Output an orthophoto
  • Output a Digital Surface Model
  • Output a Bare Earth Model
  • Output a classified point cloud