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RPAS Sales

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  • We are experienced RPAS Operators who understand your exact needs
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drones for sale in Cork Ireland

C-Astral Bramor


The c-astral Bramor-geo is a military grade fixed wing RPAS offering commercial RPAS operators world class reliability and safety with its Lockheed Martin avionics. Its C-astral Aerospace designed airframe can operate in up to 10m/s wind speed, has a 100km radio range and has a parachute landing/emergency system. A special feature of this drone is that it is a highly stable platform which enables it to take very sharp imagery which leads to world beating accuracy on ortho photography and height models. Flight duration = 100 minutes, 24MP Sensor.

Whitepaper on Bramor data capture Spatial Accuracy




Ascending Technologies Falcon 8 AscTec Falcon 8 Windkraft drone for sale in Ireland

The Falcon 8 is an easy to operate multi rotor RPAS platform which is very versatile and can be deployed for orthophotography of areas up to 25 hectares, structural inspections and aerial videography. The drone has very stable flying characteristics, has triple redundancy on its rotors and can operate in up to 10m/s second wind speed. Flight duration = 25 minutes, 24 MP Sensor.


AgiSoft Photoscan

Agisoft Photoscan is a very versatile photogrammetry package which offers expert users choice on a variety of settings and a large range of ortho, dsm, dtm, point cloud output options. It has spatial accuracy of 1-3 pixels so the larger the ground sample distance the better the spatial accuracy. This drone can handle very large file sizes.




Pix4D is a simple to use photogrammetry package which offers basic users the ability to produce accurate and well presented orthophotography and digital surface models. This is ideal for the basic user that is just interested in outputting orthophotography and digital surface models without any fuss. It has a stated spatial accuracy of 1-3 pixels.

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