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Property Records Overlay

topographical survey to geodatabase your property

The advantages to you are as follows:

  1. All your property map information is stored in one database.
  2. Your existing property map information can be recycled for future projects.
  3. We can produce new maps on request for you from you existing data
  4. We can act as an interface between Architects, engineers, contractors and client for any development projects going forward so that spatial errors are controlled and eliminated
  5. Our aerial imagery is a lot easier for non-map reading clients to clearly and intuitively understand particularly when overlaid with design drawings.


NSC engineering boundary survey

We can take all your land registry maps, topographical surveys, planning application drawings, underground service records and overlay them together so they are all stored in the one file folder. With our Geographic Information System we can compare drawing of differing scales directly and we can help you manage your property going forward.

We can also produce very high resolution aerial photography which can also be used to compare with all your other maps/surveys/drawings.


tipperary race course land survey

Aerial view of tipperary race course site survey


Suitable for:

  • Quarries and Mines – We can produce topographical and volumetric surveys of quarries and mines quickly, safely and cheaply. We can provide aerial ortho imagery under laid on the survey in CAD. We can also scan and overlay land registry maps so you can compare registered boundaries with actual boundaries. We can rectify boundary maps with the land registry very quickly.


  • Golf Courses – We can provide topographical surveys, low level aerial videos for promotion, 3D View course guides, ortho photography of course overlaid with land registry maps, land registry map rectification service.


  • Campus, Facility and Estate management – We can provide you with very high resolution aerial imagery of your property, this can be overlaid with topographic maps, architectural designs to help you communicate about locations within your property more effectively but also to keep all your map information together.


  • Construction/Development – We offer a complete geospatial management service for large development projects. We use aerial drones to photomap sites very accurately. We can use our aerial GIS data  for boundary analysis, producing topographic surveys, planning drawing overlay onto aerial photography and we can provide GPS output files for construction set out.  We can produce aerial photography of the construction site and overlay the cad drawings so site setting out can be checked and progress can be recorded on an ongoing basis. 


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