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Lisheen Mine

“Having put some time into researching available technologies to efficiently capture such a large site I ultimately decided on orthophotography collected using RPAS. Apart from the obvious deliverable of the high-resolution, rectified aerial imagery, we also had a requirement for a Digital Surface Model (DSM) to enable stockpile volume calculations. The relative accuracy we achieved for the project as a whole was way above my expectations and now we have started to use the data I am only now realising the technologies  full potential as a survey tool.  In my opinion, for certain applications orthophotography is now superior to LiDAR". Harry Twomey IIS, MIEI, Chief Surveyor

Survey Grad GPS Survey Quality but at A Vastly Reduced Cost

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What we provide

We supply extremely accurate and precise ortho photography and Digital Surface Models and DTMs (bare earth surveys) for GIS and Engineering projects. Although we can tailor our product to meet your specific need, we are one of a small few companies worldwide who can supply ortho photography up to 1cm Ground Sample Distance with a proven accuracy of a horizontal RMSE of 23mm and a vertical accuracy of 35mm. Our ortho photography comes very tightly geo referenced to ITM or ING75. Our ortho photography can be so accurate it can be used to trace survey detail from, resulting in similar accuracies to Survey Grade GPS surveys but at a vastly reduced timescale and cost.

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We can output in JPEG, TIFF or GEOTIFF or AutoCAD dwg.
High Precision – 1cm Ground Sample Distance Capability
High Spatial Accuracy: Horizontal RMSE = 23mm, vertical RMSE = 35mm
Accurate Geo Referencing using RTK GPS

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Suitable for:

•    Boundary disputes
•    Accurate mapping projects

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