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Legal Mapping


Advantages to you are as follows...

  • Everyone can clearly understand the mapping situation
  • Accurate land maps to within less than an inch
  • Ability to overlay maps/aerial photography to the highest standard of accuracy
  • We use the same GIS software as the land registry and we can guarantee acceptance of our maps prior to submission, which may save you lots of time
  • 25 years of experience in boundary matters


For boundary disputes & registry

Legal mapping survey for boundary disputes

Spot the Difference

Aerial contour survey map


The Cork Greyhound track land map

Detailed View

The Cork Greyhound track aerial view

Clifton Scannell Emerson Associates.

“Baseline Surveys was able to deploy resources within days of their appointment, and the final information was provided in the 3D digital formats that the clients (cork City Council) required within a week...

The quality and delivery time of the final information was beyond our expectations, considering that the survey area had limited access due to private land ownership, overgrowth, and significant height differences. There was also the added advantage of having a high resolution aerial image of the survey area which would normally had to be commissioned separately.” SANHUNG POI, DESIGN ENGINEER.


Suitable for:

Using a GIS to compile “completed jigsaw puzzles” out of multiple land registry folios is quick, but most importantly our results are extremely reliable and accurate.
•    Land Registry Rectification
•    First Registration Applications
•    Forensic Testimony on Boundary Disputes
•    Land Registry Digital Mapping Expertise

For more information phone Paudie on 0862535285 or email info (at)