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Land Surveying

The advantages to you are as follows:

  1. We are far cheaper, particularly for larger or more detailed sites.
  2. We are safer, no need for costly traffic, riverside, quayside or rail side safety management systems to carry out our land surveys.
  3. No problem with capturing accurate data without gaining access to private property
  4. Our output includes an aerial image of the site superimposed on your survey in CAD, so you have full detailed information underneath your cad survey
  5. Our aerial imagery is a lot easier for non-map reading clients to clearly and intuitively understand.


Bandon Crossings CAD drawings and land survey

Spot the Difference

land surveys of Bandon Crossings

We offer a very cost effective solution for somebody requiring a land survey for their development project using small unmanned aircraft.

We can produce topographical and elevation surveys in AutoCAD format overlaid with very high resolution photography in CAD.


 topographical survey zoom view

Topographic land surveys


Client Testimonial - RPS

“Our project required detailed topographical information on steep and unstable slopes. Under normal circumstances, it would have been impossible for an individual to survey this accurately using conventional equipment. Furthermore, the area to be surveyed was in a contentious region and having people on the ground was a health and safety concern for us. As a result, we looked for a proposal from Baseline Surveys and they were able to provide us with highly detailed aerial imagery as well as a detailed digital terrain model using their fixed wing drone The survey provided useful detail on the steep slopes and also allowed us to gather information without causing any unnecessary conflict with groups in the area.”  Niall Chamberlain CEng MIEI, Senior Design Engineer - RPS Consulting Engineers

Suitable for:

  • Forestry – We can provide you with a spreadsheet listing every single tree with each individual tree height within your registered plot together with a land registry map overlaid onto aerial photography of your site. This will possibly highlight errors in your land ownership, which we can quickly rectify for you. We can also create bare earth contours of the ground beneath your trees for planning optimal harvesting routes.


  • Coastal Erosion Monitering – We can identify failure locations on sea walls, seaward creep in gabien mattresses. We can produce 3D photorealistic models of sand dunes and cliff faces and repeat the survey at appropriate intervals and identify location and extent of erosion.


  • Quarries and Mines – We can produce topographical and volumetric land surveys of quarries and mines quickly, safely and cheaply. We can provide aerial ortho imagery under laid on the survey in CAD. We can also scan and overlay land registry maps so you can compare registered boundaries with actual boundaries. We can rectify boundary maps with the land registry very quickly.


  • Golf Courses – We can provide topographical surveys, low level aerial videos for promotion, 3D View course guides, orthophotography of course overlaid with land registry maps, land registry map rectification service.


  • Campus, Facility and Estate management – We can provide you with very high resolution aerial imagery of your property, this can be overlaid with topographic maps, architectural designs to help you communicate about locations within your property more effectively but also to keep all your map information together.


  • Construction/Development – We offer a complete geospatial management service for large development projects. We use aerial drones to photomap sites very accurately. We can use our aerial GIS data  for boundary analysis, producing topographic surveys, planning drawing overlay onto aerial photography and we can provide GPS output files for construction set out.  We can produce aerial photography of the construction site and overlay the cad drawings so site setting out can be checked and progress can be recorded on an ongoing basis. 

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