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Industrial Site Surveys

We use our unmanned aerial vehicle to survey your industrial site.

The advantages to you are as follows:

  1. It’s much quicker so therefore much cheaper.
  2. We survey every square inch of your site through topographic, contour or GIS suvery techniques, so all the detail is mapped
  3. An aerial photograph is much easier to read and understand than a conventional map
  4. We also survey your roof, land scape and paving conditions
  5. We survey your storage areas so stock can be counted/measured
  6. We fly overhead so we are much safer and require no induction training etc


Whitegate Oil industrial topographic survey

Whitegate Oil contour surveys

Whitegate Oil unmanned aerial vehicle survey

The Lisheen Mine

“Having put some time into researching available technologies to efficiently capture such a large site I ultimately decided on orthophotography collected using RPAS...

Apart from the obvious deliverable of the high-resolution, rectified aerial imagery, we also had a requirement for a Digital Surface Model (DSM) to enable stockpile volume calculations. The relative accuracy we achieved for the project as a whole was way above my expectations and now we have started to use the data I am only now realising the technologies  full potential as a survey tool.  In my opinion, for certain applications orthophotography is now superior to LiDAR. " HARRY TWOMEY IIS, MIEI, CHIEF SURVEYOR

Suitable for:


  • Quarries and Mines – We can produce topographical and volumetric site surveys of quarries and mines quickly, safely and cheaply. We can provide aerial ortho imagery under laid on the survey in CAD. We can also scan and overlay land registry maps so you can compare registered boundaries with actual boundaries. We can rectify boundary maps with the land registry very quickly.


  • Petrochemical/Pharmaceutical plants –  We can photomap every square inch of your site without stepping inside your gate. Plants have very detailed geography which suits our mapping system very well. All our aerial photography can be overlaid with underground records, land registry maps, topographical surveys, planning drawings etc.


  • Construction/Development – We offer a complete geospatial management service for large development projects from initial purchase to hand over to local aurthority. We use aerial drones to photomap sites very accurately. We can use our aerial GIS data  for boundary analysis, producing topographic surveys, planning drawing overlay onto aerial photography and we can provide GPS output files for construction set out.  We can produce aerial photography of the construction site and overlay the cad drawings so site setting out can be checked and progress can be recorded on an ongoing basis. 


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