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It is the responsibility of Mr. Paudie Barry, Managing Director to ensure through his staff that all changes to the organisation, personnel or the risk levels are entered into the Company Safety Statement and Risk Assessment through the use of the amendment procedure to ensure the document remains current to the activities of Baseline Surveys

A dormant document sitting on the shelf will not assist Management in maintaining a safe and healthy place of work for all staff.


Declaration of Intent:

It is the objective of Baseline Surveys to ensure the safety, health and welfare of all employees through the design, provision and maintenance of a safe place of work, safe system of work, safe access & egress, safe plant, machinery & equipment, in a planned, organised, and co-ordinated manner.

Baseline Surveys are committed to implementing the provisions of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005, the General Application Regulations 1993 and all other relevant statutory legislation, including when these are amended and updated. The purpose of which is to make all work places safer and healthier. It shall discharge this duty through its management structure.

Baseline Surveys will comply with all it’s duties as an employer under Section’s 8 & 9 of the 2005 Act and will also comply with the provision of the Hazard & Risk assessment and Safety Statements as defined in sections 19 & 20.

Baseline Surveys expects all employees to comply with sections 13 & 14 of the 2005 Act which outlines the duties of employees. Each employee will take care of his/her own safety and health and that of anyone affected by their actions and omissions. Employees will co-operate with the management by complying with all relevant sections of the Safety Statements, Regulations, Codes of Practice, Safe Working Practices and H.S.A. Guidelines as may be laid down from time to time.

Baseline Surveys will endeavour not to expose non-employees to risks of safety and health. Where a person is a visitor or is a contractor with an obligation to maintain the place of work, or the safety of the place of work or substance to be used, then such a person shall be deemed to be in control of the workplace and not Baseline Surveys.

Baseline Surveys shall consult with the employees in order to enable it and the employees to promote safety, health and welfare at work under a teamwork structure to prevent accidents.

Baseline Surveys’ Safety Statement shall consist of a Parent Safety Manual, Ancillary Safety Documents and a Risk Assessment Manual. The Safety Manual shall set out the Baseline Surveys Policy, the allocation for the responsibility for safety and the arrangements made and the resources to be made available. The Risk Assessment document shall be specific to the work area or section and shall set down the more detailed arrangements and responsibilities at each workplace.

The copies of the Safety Manual and Risk Assessment documents will be made available to staff at the workplace and shall also be available to contractors and visitors. Employees are encouraged to put forward suggestions for any improvements of the Safety Statement.

The Safety Statement will be reviewed annually and when the need arises due to changes in legislation, operation, personnel, risk levels and new technology. In line with the 2005 Act the Company Safety Statement will be brought to the attention of all staff on an Annual basis.

The safety, health and welfare of the staff and others is an essential part of Baseline Surveys overall management programme and therefore let us all work together to aim for an accident free working environment and co-operate fully with one another in achieving this.

Introduction to the Company Safety Statement & Ancillary Safety Documents:

A safety statement manual is both an on-going evolutionary process and an envelope for formulating and recording the safety management system of Baseline Surveys. Essentially Safety Statement Manual documents are a living progress of ongoing safety management which provides:

  • A vehicle for implementing legislation and requires changes
  • A facility for achieving and sustaining legislative compliance
  • A structure for the integration of safety responsibilities into all levels of the management structure and all day to day operations.
  • A method for recording initial and on-going hazard identification /risk assessment /risk elimination / controls.
  • A method for the evaluation of new risks arising from new building, alterations to buildings, new equipment, new work practices and ensuring they comply with all current safety requirements.
  • A structure for recording and managing essential maintenance operations relating to health and safety.
  • Identification and records of on-going health and safety training.
  • A method of recording, investigation and evaluation of accidents and dangerous occurrences on site also the reporting of loss time accidents to the Health & Safety Authority.
  • A mechanism for providing information, instruction, training and consultation with all staff and elected safety representatives.
  • Periodic evaluation and monitoring of the effectiveness of all the above.

Baseline Surveys revision “1” document has been written by Grainne Harding/Consultant with Phoenix Safety, Health and Safety Consultants & Trainers with the help and assistance of Mr. Liam Murray and staff at all levels within the facility.  It has been written in compliance with the requirements of the all Irish and European Legislation and in particular the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005, the General Application Regulations, 1993/2001 and all other relevant safety legislation applicable to its operations.

This Baseline Surveys document is distributed and made available to staff upon the express condition that it will not be used directly or indirectly in any way detrimental to the interests of the organisation or any related party.  This Safety Statement is specific to Baseline Surveys and should not be reproduced or given to a third party with the exception of the Health and Safety Inspectorate or Insurance Company. Any copies, which may appear in other establishments, will not be recognized as factional control safety documents by Baseline Surveys and will not be supported or maintained.

This Baseline Surveys Safety Statement Manual is intended to assist managing all other Company safety documentation in reducing the possibility of accidents and ill health by bringing to the attention of the management and staff identified procedures and controls applicable to our operations. Within the constraints of the time and resources available, every effort has been made to identify all hazards and recommend remedies in the Safety Manual. This Baseline Surveys document is advisory and Baseline Surveys management must make the final decisions on acceptance of its contents and implementation of its control measures.

The aim of Baseline Surveys is to ensure a safe working environment at all times for both staff and Contractors and to improve our safety standards, where possible.  This can only be accomplished by the persistent efforts of all of us. 

Responsibility for health and safety rests with all employees at all levels within the organisation.  The Baseline Surveys Safety Statement Manual will be revised on an ongoing basis by the Safety Advisor, Management and Safety Co-ordinator on behalf of the Managing Director in order to achieve our overall objective, improve safety awareness and reduce accidents and ill health within the organisation.  Safety and health within the organisation must be dynamic and must not become routine.

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